June 19, 2016

Official website

The new Salvatore Russo’s website, edited by Andrea Lococciolo is now online. Visit the store to buy all the Salvatore Russo’s releases or click on the book cover of “Cadenze di arpeggi”, in the media section to enjoy the video lessons attached to the book.

June 19, 2016

Cadenze di arpeggi

The new Salvatore Russo’s book “Cadenze di arpeggi” will be avalabile in the best bookstore on September 2016. A limited number of copies, are purchasable in preorder on the store section.

April 12, 2016

Gypsy Jazz Trio

Salvatore Russo published his fourth album release, edited by Emme Records, with Tony Miolla and Camillo Pace. “Gypsy Jazz Trio” includes 15 tracks, 6 of them unreleased.



Salvatore Russo’s Gypsy Jazz Trio, edited by Emme Records

01 - Django’s Tiger (Django Reinhardt)
02 - Romanza (Anonimo)
03 - Got a Match? (Chick Corea)
04 - Wegenpicks Valse (Salvatore Russo)
05 - Embraceable You (George Gershwin)
06 - Blues Junior (Salvatore Russo)
07 - Lady Be Good (George Gershwin)
08 - Out of Focus (Salvatore Russo)
09 - Azul (Salvatore Russo)
10 - Diminishing (Django Reinhardt)
11 - Oriental Shuffle (Django Reinhardt)
12 - Chez Jacquet (Django Reinhardt)
13 - Swinging with Sal (Salvatore Russo)
14 - Misty (Errol Garner)
15 - Taranto (Salvatore Russo)


Salvature Russo featuring Stochelo Rosenberg, edited by Saint Louis Jazz Collection

01 - Made in Italy (Salvatore Russo)
02 - Bossa Med (Salvatore Russo)
03 - Dark Eyes (Traditional)
04 - Anouman (Django Reinhardt)
05 - Djangology (Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli)
06 - Valse a Floriana (Salvatore Russo)
07 - Bernie’s Tune (Gerry Mulligan)
08 - Miro Maal (Salvatore Russo)
09 - La Touche Manouche (Stochelo Rosenberg)
10 - I’ll See You in My Dreams (Isham Jones and Gus Kahn)
11 - Love’s Melody (Django Reinhardt)
12 - Minor Swing (Django Reinhardt and Stéphane Grappelli)
13 - Made for Isaac (Stochelo Rosenberg)
14 - Dark Eyes (Only two guitars version)

2004 - CONTACT

Salvatore Russo featuring William Stravato, edited by Axe Magazine

01 - Doctor Frankenstein (Salvatore Russo)
02 - Contact (William Stravato)
03 - It’s Alive (Salvatore Russo)
04 - The Creature (William Stravato)
05 - Nightshot (Salvatore Russo)
06 - Abnormal (William Stravato)
07 - Re-animator (Salvatore Russo)
08 - Wild Alchemy (William Stravato)


Salvatore Russo, edited by Virtuoso Record

01 - Start Race (Salvatore Russo)
02 - The Sea Lane (Salvatore Russo)
03 - Hard Life (Salvatore Russo)
04 - Best Rishes (Salvatore Russo)
05 - Chiara e Giulia (Marcheneiro Paulo)
06 - The Night Cat (Salvatore Russo)
07 - Manic Overdrive (Salvatore Russo)
08 - Aquascape (Salvatore Russo)
09 - Breakthru (Salvatore Russo)
10 - Waves (Salvatore Russo)



He worked in '90 as session man in concerts and discographical recordings with the most important italian musicians and artists in Rome, and he was present as guitarist in many bands and orchestras in the most important National TV channels of that period.

He started his music teacher career very young, and in the 1993, when he was 23, he taught rock guitar in the celebrated school "Saint Louis College of Music” in Rome, a cooperation that still persists and that demostrates his artistic and didactic collaborations.

Salvatore Russo can boast thirty and more years of concerts, mostly executed in Europe and Latin America. Nowadays he plays in the Salvatore Russo's "Gypsy Jazz Trio”, and collaborates with the great guitarist Stochelo Rosenberg too, leader of the "Rosenberg Trio" and maximum exponent of the musical style created by the genius Django Reinhardt known as gypsy jazz.



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